Jose Vicente Gutierrez / Birthday 01/13/68

Member of Equity Independent Trade Union
M00169589 Member Vincent Luna 2004-200

- 1ST -Place Speech and Drama Tournament with Federico Garcia Lorca's poem " The Death of Ignacio Sanchez Mejias " Portland, Oregon, USA, 1984

- Military Training. Tolemaida. Lancero, Paracaidista 1987

- Bachelor of Arts ( B.A.) in Finance and International relations, Universidad Externado de Colombia, 1996

- Master of Arts ( M.A.) in International Business, Schiller International University, Paris, France.

- Invited to join the Actor's Studio in Paris directed by Robert Cordier. 1998

- Join The Actor's Group for the Festival " New York, New York in Paris". Plays by Sam Shepard, Joyce Carol Oates, David Mamet, Robert Cordier. Paris, France, 2001.

- Largo Winch. Canal Plus, French-Canadian TV series production. 2002

- Post-graduate degree in Acting by the University of Essex drama school East 15.

- London theatre presentations. Criterion Theatre, Picadilly Circus. Plays: Summerfolk by Maximo Gorki, Tales from the Vienna Woods, Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, Orpheus Descending by Tennessee Williams. 2002.

- Acting Seminar with Mike Figgis ( Internal Affairs, Leaving las Vegas ), 2002.

- Production classes at Panico Club, founded by Terry Gilliam ( Monthy Python ), 2003.

- Production assistant at Vertigo, main review of English independent film scene, 2003

. - Assistant to Tilda Swinton at the Edinburgh Film Festival, 2003, during her speech to remember Derek Jarman, icon of the underground English film scene.

- Brief period in NYC.

- Stars in " Los Actores del Conflicto " directed by Lisandro Duque in Bogota, Colombia

- Acts in " Towards Darkness " directed by Antonio Negret in Panama. 2007.

- Premiere at The Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, 2008, " Towards Darkness"

- Premiere at the Cartagena Film Festival with " Los Actores del Conflicto" directed by Lisandro Duque. Public prize at the Cartagena Film Festival and awards at the Film Festival in Trieste, Italy.

- Founder of Perla Negra Films, 2010.

- Executive Director at The Siplas Foundation, 2010.

- " El Soborno del Cielo" directed by Lisandro Duque. 2013

- Premiere " El Soborno del Cielo", December 2015.

- Lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, currently developing his first feature, " Surenos " in the Escola de Cinema Darcy Ribeiro. Theatre project, adaptation from " La Ronde " de Arthur Schnitzler.

Pseudonymes: Vicente Luna, Vicente Furia, Vincent Search, Vincent Anger, Vicente Solo, Vicente Nadie, Vicente PerlaNegra.